Figure 8 Seasonal Decaf
Figure 8 Seasonal Decaf
Figure 8 Seasonal Decaf

Figure 8 Seasonal Decaf

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Roast Level:  Medium 

Acidity:  Low

Body: Heavy

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Cherry, Brown Sugar

Recommended For: Filter Brew / Cold Brew / Espresso

A Natural Decaf That Doesn't Taste Like Decaf

Our biggest compliment is when we hear long-time 'cream and sugar' coffee drinkers tell us ours is the first coffee they've ever been able to drink black. This is no different for our decaf. This is by far one of the best decafs we had ever tried before we purchased it. Figure 8 Decaf is named after the Franz Kline painting with the same name. Like the painting, it is big, bold and leaves you with a calm almost zen-like stillness. Each coffee contained in this blend is excellent in itself, sweet, smooth and chocolaty with near zero "decaf taste." But like good, informed consumers you may be looking for something more than 'does it taste good.' 

Our buying philosophy, while not written in stone, contains principles that make us consider aspects like health, the environment and the well-being of everyone in the supply chain. Finding a truly good decaf can be complicated. Historically, the decaffeination process has included some undesirable characters. This naturally raises lots of questions from you, the consumer, like "is it safe?" and "does it still taste good?" or "is it still good for the environment?" 

By now, you've hopefully tried our coffee and have some understanding of the standard of quality we are aiming for. Hopefully, you already have some idea of our commitment to the environment from our use of biodegradable packaging. But if not, just know that we are committed to taking the microscopic considerations of every part of our process to be sure that we are offering what we offer in the most responsible way we can. And that all those aspects will be improving over time as we grow. 


Region: Guatemala / Colombia

Altitude: 1200 masl




Bourbon, Mundo Novo



Decaffeination:  Swiss Water Process & EA (All Natural) 

Roasted to Order

Coffee freshness matters. When you order online, your order will leave our shop in less than 72 hours. In most cases, orders purchased from our website are roasted every week on Wednesday and delivered or shipped on Thursday. If you order on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, and we happen to have your entire order in stock, your order may ship the same day. Otherwise, it will be queued for the next roast day. 

Find Us In Person 

If you're in the Jacksonville area and would like to sample first or pick up in person, you can find us at Riverside Arts Market (Saturdays 10a-3p) or at Beaches Green Market (10a-2p). Come ask questions, grab a free sample or a cold brew to go!

Trash Aware

We're a company that is dedicated to better understanding our contribution to environmental health and we're dedicated to giving you a better choice in your coffee packaging. 6oz bags (100% compostable), 12oz bags (60% compostable) or buy in bulk 5lb bags (not compostable).