Trash Awareness


Our 'Trash Awareness Policy' is put in place to give you a better choice when it comes to your coffee packaging. As we grow and become better equipped to meet industry MOQs we will move closer to being 100% 'single use plastic' free. 

We are currently using 3 packaging types with 3 different levels of bio-compatibility. The ultimate goal is to be 100% compostable packaging as soon as possible, but here's where we are now.
  1. 4 - 6oz "Omnigradable" Bags from TekPak (100% Compostable)
  2. 12oz "Biotre" Bags from Tricor Braun Flex (60% Compostable)
  3. 5 lb PET Laminated Bags from Tricor Braun Flex (Not Compostable)

Although, when buying in bulk you will not get a compostable bag at this point, you will be saving lots of excessive trash by purchasing coffee that way.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this complex issue. Send us a message using our contact form here.