Frequently Asked Questions

What is your roasting schedule? 

We are currently roasting 1x per week on Wednesday and delivering the following day. All the orders that come in from the previous 6 days are all batched to be roasted on the same day. Individual and wholesale orders are all roasted together to save time and cut down on waste.

If you are local and selected the option for 'local delivery' at checkout, that means your order is likely to be delivered the Thursday after you've ordered. However, if you placed your order on Thursday - Saturday and we have your entire order in stock you may receive your order the same day. If we do not have your entire order in stock there is a chance it may be queued for the following week. There is also a chance that your order will be mailed in order to optimize our delivery routes. 

Where can I buy a bag of Young Buck Coffee out in the wild? Or where can I try before I buy?

Our coffee is available at the following grocery stores locally: 


Grassroots Natural Market - 2007 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204 (Grinder Available On Site)


1748 Bakehouse - 1748 N Main St, Jacksonville, FL 32206


Jacksonville Beach

Native Sun - 1585 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250



Nassau Health Foods - 833 T.J. Courson Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034


If you'd like to sample our coffees you can come visit one of our market booths at the following locations and times: 

Riverside Arts Market - 715 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32204 (Under the Bridge) Every Saturday from 10am - 3pm 

What is a Rotating Coffee Subscription? 

Rotating Coffee Subscription was designed for people who are looking for variety and automatic ordering. You decide how much coffee you need (number of bags) and how often you'd like to reorder (frequency, 1-4 weeks). We do the rest. Get a different coffee every order and as new coffees come in, they're worked into the rotation automatically. The best part is, you save money because every bag, even the most expensive ones, are sold to you for the same price. Plus you get 50% off your first order when you subscribe. It's quite possibly the best deal around. 

Find out more here

Where do I go to make changes to my account?

If you created an account at check out you should see your subscription options by clicking "Manage Your Subscription" in the main menu. From there, you will be able to edit frequency, product quantity, swap products, skip an order, pause or cancel your subscription. 

If you are unable to access your account it is possible that you checked out as a guest and did not see the email to finish creating your account. Check your spam folder or junk mail for an email around the date that you completed your subscription purchase. If you cannot find it, just send a message to ryan@youngbuckcoffee.com and we will be happy to resend it. 

How can I get subscribe to multiple coffees at once?

All individual coffees are eligible for subscription. Just look for the "Subscribe and Save 50%..." option, then check out as usual. Once you've added the first coffee subscription to your cart, just go back to the shop and select the next coffee you'd like to subscribe with. Be sure all your specific settings for each coffee are correct (No. of bags, grind, frequency, etc.) If you're having trouble for any reason, just send us a message and we'll help you figure it out! ryan@youngbuckcoffee.com
Check out the individual coffee product pages for more info.

What if I don't like the coffee I received?

Hmmm... This is unusual. We've never actually dealt with this before... So, in the highly unlikely event you aren't happy with your coffee we will gladly replace it for you with another bag of your choice or, of course, issue a refund.

Is Young Buck Coffee a coffee shop?

No! Not that we have anything against coffee shops, they're just not part of the dream, at least for the foreseeable future. We believe doing a few things really well is better than trying to do everything. For now, we're highly content with being your exclusive coffee roaster. 

Where does your coffee come from?

I think there are a number of reasons people ask this question. I imagine some of you are asking "how do you really know where your coffee is coming from?" While others may be asking "where does coffee come from?"

Let's start with the second question. Most coffee is grown in the region of Earth 20 degrees above and below the equator known as the Tropic of Cancer. Often grown high upon the sides of mountains, coffee benefits from altitude, consistent temperatures, moderate shade and rainfall. 

The process of choosing a coffee, for us, begins by contacting one of the few highly curated importers we have built relationships with over the years who can offer us a variety of coffees at the level of quality we need. The majority of coffee arrives in America in some part due to a coffee importer (even when a roaster says "we source our own coffee..."). Importers are the ones who specialize in finding consistently great coffees across many growing regions, developing and maintaining the relationships with farmers and exporters, transportation and storage of coffee, all of which, if not done well, can have negative effects on the final flavor of the coffee. 

So, to the first question, our importers are chosen because they maintain a high degree of transparency and traceability in the coffees they provide. They often include stories and images of the relationships, families and farmers involved as a part of that transparency. When that information is relevant we will include it in our coffee descriptions as well. To the same point, countries of origin often have strict criteria for the labeling of exported agricultural goods. Farmers and coffee mills are very proud of what they produce and usually mark their jute bags with, among other things, their farm or washing station, country and region.

Will this coffee work with my home coffee brewer?

Yes! Our coffee works in most brewers including drip coffee makers, french press, espresso machines (having your own grinder is highly recommended), V60 and other pour over apparatus, moka pot, percolators etc.  

I am starting a new cafe, coffee shop, restaurant. How can I find out more about serving Young Buck Coffee?

Easy, just send us a message here to connect and set up a free coffee tasting at our roastery! We're looking forward to hearing details about your project to see how we can fit into your current or future coffee program. 

What types of businesses are eligible for wholesale pricing? 

For the most part any business, office, restaurant, cafe, doctor's office, hospital, non-profit or otherwise that would like to serve coffee to either your customers or your staff. Send us a message here to find out more


Do you accept Bitcoin, Etherium or other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment? 

Yes! We have made it possible to pay for any item on our site using several forms of crypto coins. We use a secure API through Coinbase to complete these transactions. You no longer have to incur the fees of converting your crypto to fiat before buying!