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The Challenges Of Quality In Coffee

Just a quick blog post taken from a recent interview that was done for local publication answering the question: 'What are some of the challenges you face [running a specialty coffee business]?' One of the challenges we face is helping our customers understand what makes the individual coffees w...
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What Is A Roast Curve And How Does It Make My Coffee Taste Better?

The roast curve is an element at the heart of our quality control program. It allows us to stay consistent and ensure that every batch is roasted to the same relative specifications every time. To put it another way: we're not relying on our 'intuition' or 'gut feelings' to make sure your coffee...
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3 Reasons I Removed The Word 'Acidity' From My Coffee Labels

Without fail every week we have several customers - very smart people - asking the same question:  'what is your least acidic coffee?'  For which I begin my subtle, (hopefully) educational, and not snobby, rant about why they should begin to reconsider the way they think about "acidity" in coffee...
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