El Salvador Santa Ana
El Salvador Santa Ana
El Salvador Santa Ana

El Salvador Santa Ana

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Roast Level: Medium

Acidity: Low

Body: Full

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Almond

Recommended For: Espresso / Drip / Cold Brew / French Press

This coffee from the Santa Ana region of El Salvador has become something of a legend here at YBC. As one of our first coffees we ever purchased it has become a sort of staple on our menu. This new version of the same coffee was a natural progression for us. It maintains a lot of the same characteristics:  full-body, deep chocolaty and super sweet, though slightly less fruit forward as a result of the processing method. If the old version was your absolute favorite coffee (I hear this constantly) you will love this one as well. 

Its best expression, in our opinion, is espresso. It has a great deal of sweetness, great mouthfeel, and is super smooth when extracted under high pressure. Likewise, for those looking for a big, bold, sweet tasting coffee with low acidity, it is also very enjoyable as a pour over or iced coffee. 

From the importer: 

El Salvador might be the smallest country in Central America, but the coffee that hails from this densely populated origin is highly renowned for its quality, grown in the shade out of rich volcanic ash soil. 

The majority of El Salvador coffee is washed. This Santa Ana coffee from the slopes of the country’s third largest coffee producing region comes from a community of small producers who grow two of El Salvador’s most popular varieties: Bourbon and Pacas. Santa Ana’s proximity to Guatemala means the coffee sometimes shares similar characteristics and is often on the sweeter side, with nut and chocolate notes.


Region: Santa Ana
Altitude: 1,200 - 1600 meters


Bourbon & Pacas



Drying: Sun Dried

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