Stefanie Burdick

About the Artwork

If there is a defining characteristic of the artists represented in our gallery, it is the ability to combine craft & concept. This is especially apparent in the work displayed here by artist Stefanie Burdick. Her work is an homage to an era of extravagant decoration.

Her cups are elegant, as if they took a deep breath just before their forms crystalized. Her handles appear to be blown by the wind and frozen into the perfect shape. Burdick’s works possess what Franz Klein referred to as ‘snap,’ the immediacy of a confident movement.

Burdick’s thoughtfulness extends beyond aesthetics. She considers the appropriate thickness of each vessel in a way that insulates the beverage it contains. She considers the way the rim curves slightly inward so as not to spill  during movement. Her handles, though extremely whimsical, are incredibly comfortable to hold.

Stefanie Burdick’s work would make a perfect addition to any collection, or an excellent start to a new one.

*This artist is available for commissions.

The link below will take you to the contact form. Please specify the type of work you are requesting with as much detail as possible.

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