Giant Oak Espresso
Giant Oak Espresso
Giant Oak Espresso
Giant Oak Espresso

Giant Oak Espresso

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Roast Level: Melange Light & Medium

Acidity: Medium

Body:  Full

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate / Berry / Citrus / Mild Floral

Recommended For: Espresso / Pour Over

Our flagship blend, Giant Oak Espresso delivers smoothness, boldness, sweetness and complexity all at once. This blend was designed to be enjoyed as a classic shot in a simple 2:1 ratio alone and with varying amounts of steamed milk. Texturing milk for espresso adds sweetness to the cup, allowing concentrated flavors to be expressed more clearly. But this blend is so versatile that it also makes an incredible drip brew or even french press. 

Each coffee in our blend contributes its flavors in a unique way. We emphasize this by roasting each coffee to its own degree of development and 'post-blending' the coffees after roasting. The roasting temperature may only vary a few degrees from one coffee to the next, but it's attention to details like this that make our coffees shine. 


Region: Central America / Africa
Altitude: 1500-2300






Washed & Natural

Roasted to Order

Orders are roasted every week and shipped immediately after roasting. 

Trash Aware 

We're a company that is dedicated to better understanding our contribution to environmental health and we're dedicated to giving you a better choice in your coffee packaging. 6oz bags (100% compostable), 12oz bags (60% compostable) or buy in bulk 5lb bags (not compostable).