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Eric Beavers

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Eric Beavers pottery is fun, colorful and extraordinarily comfortable in the hand. Approaching the work, I first notice the brazen colors and sharp lines that divide them. There are straight lines all over the work. I believe this is an intentional gesture. The objects are handled precisely. The mark making is well planned. It quickly becomes obvious that this work was created by someone smitten with details. 

What sets great potters apart from the crowd is their ability to create an object that is not only beautiful but also comfortable to use. Handles are a huge part of this. What makes a handle great, isn’t just that it feels good or doesn’t fall off, it also has to make aesthetic sense. It has to fit into the overall motif while also fitting the users hand. The design of a handle is an act described by potters as being akin to “putting an ear on a face.” It has to fit or it just looks goofy. These handles fit the work and fit the hand as well. 


Call with questions or to schedule a time to view the work. 904-351-8583

*This artist is available for commissions.

The link below will take you to the contact form. Please specify the type of work you are requesting with as much detail as possible.

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