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Roast Level: Medium

Body: Medium

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Mild Fruit, Brown Sugar

Recommended For: Espresso / Drip / French Press

Workbench embodies an attitude of hard work, and craftsmanship we hold close to us and our desire to offer excellent, great tasting coffee at a reasonable price point. The profile was developed to be appreciated by nearly everyone. It is in every sense a blue-collar, every day drinker yet, it maintains all the qualities you will come to expect from us. It is sweet, chocolaty and rich, but without the 'exotic' flavor notes some of our coffees possess. It is a coffee drinker's coffee that works well as espresso, drip/filter brew or french press. 



Location: Central / South America
Producer: Various


Washed & Natural

Roasted to Order

Coffee freshness matters. When you order online, your order will leave our shop in less than 72 hours. In most cases, orders purchased from our website are roasted every week on Wednesday and delivered or shipped on Thursday. If you order on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, and we happen to have your entire order in stock, your order may ship the same day. Otherwise, it will be queued for the next roast day.

Trash Aware 

We're a company that is dedicated to better understanding our contribution to environmental health and we're dedicated to giving you a better choice in your coffee packaging. 6oz bags (100% compostable), 12oz bags (60% compostable) or buy in bulk 5lb bags (not compostable).