How To Brew With Chemex

Step 1:
Open Chemex filter and place inside Chemex. Heat water to boiling and thoroughly wet filter to remove any flavor from filter paper. Pour out all excess water.


Step 2:
On a Medium Coarse setting, grind and weigh out 30 grams of ground coffee. If a gram scale is not available about 5 teaspoons will get you close. Adjust for taste. Tare scale to zero.


Step 3:
With a focused pour, wet grounds with approximately 50 mL of water and allow to soak for around 30-45 seconds.


Step 4:
Begin pouring slowly in a spiral motion in approximately 100 mL increments. The total amount of water should be around 500 mL. If no scale is available the volume of water for a large Chemex (shown) should reach the marker dimple.


Step 5:
Remove filter and wet grounds, swirl, serve, and enjoy!

Here are our recommendations for the best coffees to brew with Chemex coffee maker. These coffees offer a subtlety and nuance that comes through nicely using this brewing method.

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