Carter Pasma

About the Artwork

Drawing inspiration from natural forms, Carter Pasma’s works in clay find a balance of wabi-sabi and focused design. As ceramic artists we are constantly faced with the realization that we are using a material that would much rather lay formless in the ground than bare the brunt of our stretching, spinning, pulling, and firing. A great potter understands this and decides to compromise with the clay letting it have some say-so in the final outcome. 

Pasma finds this balance in his surface design using thick slips to add texture to the outer surface of his forms. These textures, Pasma writes, draw on a love of natural forms such as “…hard ledges and edges found in natural snow drifts, the peaks and valleys of mountains, curls in waves, and natural ice dams.” This texture serves a dual purpose when taking on glaze creating areas of pooling and variation in the glaze surface adding depth for the form. 

The glazing process is another opportunity for an artist to show off their prowess. Unlike painting, glazes are rarely the same color when applied as they are when fired. Glazes are made of powdered glass and pigments suspended in water. To fully understand the complicated process of effectively melting glass onto the surface of a clay object a degree in alchemy is required. Glazing a pot is at the same time calculation and intuition. It’s clear that Carter spends long hours in studio experimenting with glazes to understand how they interact with his pots.

Technical aspects aside, Pasma’s work is a pleasure to hold and use and would be an excellent addition to any collection. Whether you’re just beginning your collection or looking for a new piece to add to your cup shelf, I highly recommend this artist. His work is durable, dishwasher and microwave safe. Handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any hand. They are comfortable and well balanced. Each cup holds between 12 – 16 oz and can heighten the experience of any beverage (we recommend coffee).

*This artist is available for commissions.

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